A Platform
facilitating trust between
Aid Institutions, Donors and Needy.

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Modern, dynamic platform connecting charities, donors, and the needy, providing a digital solution for managing daily needs and donor activities.


Allows for easy tracking of donations, viewing all past and potential requests, monitoring progress, and more for increased transparency.


Provides indexed and searchable database of persons in need, donation request application, tracking of donations made, and progress reports.


QaimAID is a modern and dynamic platform that connects charitable organizations with the needy, allowing for a digital transformation of traditional charity practices. It provides a Software as a Service solution for managing daily needs, as well as tracking the flow of funds. With QaimAID, organizations can easily connect with donors, manage their donations, and engage with the community in a more efficient and effective way. It is a comprehensive solution for charities to streamline their operations, increase transparency and accountability, and reach a wider underprivileged student.


  • Focus on designWe provide a pleasant and responsive graphical interface
  • Added SecuritySecurity features include the ability to encrypt sensitive data saved
  • PerformanceWe focused on speed and stability when developing the software
  • CompatibilityQaimAID is available on all of your devices

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Institutions Review May.13,2021

"The software is highly effective, user-friendly, productive, and offers complete control via administration features."

Imran Rasool

"QaimAID student aid software has made the process so much easier, it's efficient, user-friendly and a game-changer!"

Sajjad Meherally